Why do Mentoring?

Why do mentoring?
Two things are critical to excellence in anything.

  • Consistent deliberate practice that reaches just a bit out of our comfort zone and
  • Focused feedback from experienced, knowledgeable people.

Whether you call it consultation, supervision or mentoring anyone who works with others needs such a contact. I I schedule Mentoring groups every few months. Contact me if interested. The groups will

  • meet for six sessions
  • be held twice a month for
  • three months for
  • 1 ½ hours each session
  • he held on line
  • limits to 6-8 people

You will gain the opportunity to:
1. Address your specific questions and challenges
2. Expand your knowledge with additional information on an EFT related topic– generally chosen by the class
3. Practice your skills and gain valuable feedback.
4. Watch EFT demonstrations
5. Gain useful handouts helpful in your practice.

NOTE:  These sessions meet the supervision requirement through AAMET.


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Ann Adams

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  1. Debra Angarola, LCSW says:

    Hi Ann,
    Jim Jenkins and I are up for the supervision. We are both already using in session. Will contact you regarding payment. Jim is on holiday at present and will be back next week.
    Thanks for a great workshop! My back is still doing well. An occasional twinge, but most of the time it is fine.
    Thank you again and Jim and I will be in touch
    Have a happy holiday and New Year!
    Debra Angarola