Who is on YOUR Team?

I was quoted on a radio show last week (Living Energy Secrets). My ego loves hearing my words come back to me. This quote concerned a lesson I stress to my EFT students; develop your “team” of support people as backup, mentors, and community resources before you start  working with people on any level of serious issues. As I have said many times, “EFT is simple; people are not.” Because of this complexity we all need others with whom to discuss ideas, concepts, approaches. We need others to whom we share our own vulnerabilities and insecurities. And, often, to point out where we are getting in our own way.

We all need a team of folks because we all need help sometimes; we all can benefit from the advantages of a different perception. We all certainly benefit from people with other areas of expertise.

Who is on your team?

Who can you count on if you have a question, need information about another resource, bounce around a complex ethical question, to point out where you may have stepped over appropriate boundaries or gotten in over your head, or reach a dead end? Who is in your life, or who do you need to find, who can ask you those important related questions that help you see an even bigger picture?

Who is on your team that you can refer a client who has needs beyond your level of expertise?  None of us can be all things to all people. Who do you need on your team to  fill in the gaps or round out your own area of expertise?

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Ann Adams