When to Let Go of Your Dream

Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you more of an entrepreneur wanna be? You have ideas, dreams and goals that you will create a successful EFT business  – a real  business that could actually pay the rent and buy groceries.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Lots of hours, lots of things not going as planned, lots of things to learn you didn’t really want to  have to learn. Many times it doesn’t work like you want it to.  Some days feel totally worth it. Many days you realize that the challenges are not all fun, not what you thought you’d be doing. When you decided to have a business you may not have wanted to learn WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, copy writing, client management software programs, marketing techniques, how to best to secure your files etc., etc. You may feel you’ve given up more of your life to it than you had expected.

Maybe you don’t like spending so much time on the computer, you may not like working primarily alone, you may find those phone calls to potential clients gets in the way of phone calls to your family and friends.  Your attempts at starting a successful business are getting in the way of your life. You are struggling so hard to get to there. that you are not able to enjoy here.

Sometimes I come across an article or blog that I so much resonate with as to how I think and what I would do that I think, “I could have written that!” So rather than write my version I’ll let you read hers. If you are a struggling entrepreneur – read this:


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Ann Adams