What does YOUR family say about what you do?

Perhaps your entire family accepts and encourages your journey into the alternative or energy world. My family, however, is more of the just tolerating kind. My sister, for instance, is not exactly what you would call open minded about complementary medicine and EFT is waaaaaay out there for her. In a recent call when she was cautioning me, one more time, about not being seen as credible as a professional because I’m into EFT (and BTW I also get massages, go to a chiropractor, and occasionally attempt Yogi class, all of which are also techniques that are too “out there” for my sister’s world.)

Usually I let such comments alone and stay to family topics, but this morning had been listening to Bruce Lipton again. So I launched in a rant, “Well,” I said, “I see it like this.”

Scientists thought for a long time that genetics ruled our fate; that what we are born with is what we are stuck with. What scientists are finding out is that the cells in our body respond to the environment they are put in, i.e. the chemicals in our blood. Chemicals that can make us feel good or feel bad; that help keep us healthy or can contribute to illness and physical problems. If we can have some control over which set of chemicals are sent through our body, wouldn’t we want to?

Our brain gives the signal to the body to release various chemicals into our blood. Where does the brain get the information to make the decision to tell the body to release which chemical? From our senses – what we see, hear, smell, taste, sense or feel. We then have a thought that interprets what we’ve seen, heard, etc. – or at least what we think we’ve seen, heard, etc. Where do we get our thought interpretation? Our thoughts are based on our perception of what’s happening in our environment. We interpret what’s happening now from what we interpret as similar to an experience in our past.

If our perception is positive the brain signals the release of feel good chemicals. If our perception is one of danger or negativity our brain signals chemicals into our blood that, over time, can impact our body in negative ways that can lead to illness, aches and pains and diseases. I resist, I said, the idea that as we age we are even more victims of our genes and have to hurt. I refuse to believe that a past negative event still has to affect us as if it were still happening today. If we know of ways that can neutralize the impact of our past negative experiences, shouldn’t we use them?

This is not new stuff, I said, we’ve known our genes responded to the make up of their environment, i.e. chemicals in the blood, since research from the late 1960’s. We’ve also known that our emotions have an impact our health. It makes sense to me, I added, to address the negative experiences in our life that lead to negative thoughts and feelings that can lead to various physical challenges. If we can modify the thoughts we are sending to the brain, the brain sends less of the “feel bad” chemicals which results in a healthier environment for our genes, our cells. It’s all tied together.

And, it’s why I do what I do, I said. I work to share with others a relatively simple tool that is effective in reversing the impact of the negative thoughts and emotions. If we can decrease the negative, we have a much better chance of feeling happier and calmer and staying healthier longer with less aches and pains.

Granted the above is a very large over simplification, I suggest you read or listen to something by Bruce Lipton, but my sister gave a rare – very rare – compliment, “That makes a lot of sense,” she said, “you should write that down.” So I did. : – )

I’d love to hear your “family” stories – accepting or non-accepting – of the path you have chosen. and how you deal with their responses.


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Ann Adams

3 Responses to “What does YOUR family say about what you do?”

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  1. Lindy says:

    Thank you for your article.

    So far, I’ve just backed off. They don’t want to hear about it from me. When they do turn their opinion around, it’s because they hear it from someone else. That’s okay with me. I planted the seed. It’s had to be okay. For over 40 years, I’ve watched family members embrace ideas that they thought were “out there” like jogging as an exercise and reading food labels (remembering the 70’s. They still avoid the labels.). …seems to take the longest for those closest to you, especially when they’ve always thought of you as having three heads.

  2. Annette says:

    This talk is soooo helpful. I, unlike you two, am not ok or at peace with the fact that my family (husband and 2 young adult children) doesn’t ‘believe” how great tapping is. I take it personally : why won’t you believe me? Why dont you trust that I know what I’m doing. Do you see the ego in there? I do…
    But how do I get the patience to let them get there on their own? Credibility is a big thing for me… I get so enthusiastic and passionate that people are turned off (that vibe is not in balance with where they are at)… And frankly I would get turned off too, so I can’t blame them…
    So thanks for discussing this topic.

    • annadams says:

      Your experience is a common one. As humans we all want to be accepted and understood, we want those we care about to be interested in what we are. As humans we also judge others behavior – often with every breath we take. When we tap it is helpful to look at what is behind our need and/or judgment. A great place to start is as you think about your disappointment/anger/other feeling about their non acceptance of you where do you feel that in your body? As we tap for the body sensations often specific events pop into our mind. What are earlier times when what you thought and/or did was discounted? Add whatever comes up to your Personal Peace List and keep working away at it until you can get to a calm acceptance – not always easily gained!