What does EFT Give Us?

Many times I have described EFT as “acupuncture for emotions without the needles” or explained that EFT “balances our energy system.”  Both very true and can generate interest from the other person to ask more about EFT.

When sharing the benefits about EFT especially in writing, however, those explanations just aren’t very compelling. After all EFT doesn’t “solve” your problem for you – you still have to do something. EFT certainly doesn’t heal you – it increases the  energy available to  your body to heal it self.

You have probably heard the old maxim about marketing: Sell the “sizzle” not the bacon. So what is EFT’s sizzle? What does EFT give us?

5 cs of EFTAs EFT balances our energy system
we benefit from the side effects
that I call the 5 Cs of EFT.
These benefits certainly “sizzle.”


5 Cs of EFT:


I introduced this concept in my new gift to folks who sign up on:

This Guide to Using EFT Effectively will be useful for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. I would love your feedback  – make a comment or send an email.

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Ann Adams

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  1. PhD in META-Health says:

    Small but great post about EFT and want to learn more about EFT from your future post.