Trainers: How well do your students remember?

You worked really hard during your EFT workshop to get all of the EFT concepts across clearly and give your students a meaningful experience. So now your students know EFT, right?

Um… well maybe not so much.

Studies show that after a workshop or class, students may remember only 20 to 40% of the major points. Even if you did a great job your students may have been more focused on their experience of EFT rather than the concepts and techniques. And, let’s face it, even for the most attentive student, the amount of material in Level 1 can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s where the new book, EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource comes in. It is a terrific review of Level 1 concepts and it expands on those concepts so that students can really begin to use EFT in the real world.

EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource really is just that: a comprehensive training resource. It’s a well-researched, thorough explanation of each Level 1 concept and technique and it pulls together hints and suggestions from some of our most experienced colleagues.

Planning a new workshop? Recommending, or ordering, these books for your participants may be the best thing you do for yourself and for them.

Conceived as a coursebook as an companion to your training classes, you can use this book to help plan your content. It will save you time and money in preparing and copying materials on your own. You can use it during class to allow students to see illustrations and summaries of concepts as you explain. You can even use the little “quizzes” after each chapter to monitor your students’ progress. When your workshop is over, send your students home with their own copy, so they can review and practice at their leisure.

Then start planning your next workshop! Because your students will be more ready for Level 2 in no time!

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Order EFT Level 1 here.

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Ann Adams

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  1. Karin says:

    Of course I’m not biased at all for this book :-) (I’m the co-author) – but I want to reiterate that people do better with learning in chunks – so if they can read this book before or after a training, it really helps. Here’s what one person said (OK it’s also about Level 2):
    “I just finished the Level I coursebook and could not believe the enrichment I received from that one. And here is the Level 2 coursebook and it surpasses the first book! This book is beautifully illustrated and thoroughly supported with examples and insight that can only be gained through experience. Even though I have taken classes from both Ann and Karin, the additional material and review is so powerful, it was like being in the classroom again, but in my pajamas with the capability of stretching the learning out as long as I wanted. Thanks for your usual high level of giving.” – Lucy Shaw, ND, MBA and Author –