The EFT Flow Chart

The EFT Flow Chart How to best use the Flow Chart with EFT Internet Radio host Judy Wolvington.

When to use which EFT TechniqueCreated especially for EFT students, this chart helps to understand the flow of EFT techniques through various intensity levels as you are working with a client. This is hands down the most popular of the multitude of useful handouts I’ve shared with others over the years.

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Click here to listen to the talk on using the Flow Chart.



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Ann Adams

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  1. dimitra says:

    Thanks for the enlightening conversation about the flow chart. I appreciate your contribution to the field of EFT.

  2. dorothy says:

    Hi MS Adam
    I am very thankful for your news letters they are very helpful, better understanding with who upset Amy.
    its very nice to understand sometimes whats going on in our mind and the people we deals with sometimes.