Judy Byrne, EFT Master in the UK, sent out a couple of links to TED talks by Brene Brown. She is a social worker by training and a researcher by career.  The talks are on vulnerability and shame and reframes the two concepts beautifully. I encourage you to watch them.
and http://tinyurl.com/7rfuaur

Because I travel so much I have not had TV cable for years. I do have a ROKU a neat little box that lets me watch the internet on the large screen TV. My favorite of the many available sites is Ted.com. You learn all sorts of tidbits of information – for instance, do you know why X is the symbol for the unknown? Seems that Algebra was developed by the Arabs and when the information came to Europe (i.e. Spain) they wanted to translate the Algebra concepts into Spanish and ran into a problem. The word for “the something” in Arabic had a strong sh sound. Spanish does not have the sh sound. The enterprising Spanish used a Latin sound, sort of like “ki” whose symbol is quite like the X in English. When Algebra was then translated into English they simply substituted the X.

So the unknown is an X because there is no sh in Spanish. I find such bits of trivia fascinating. We humans do seem to be fascinated by trivia. I wonder why that is?

What’s your favorite piece of trivia?

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Ann Adams