Stuck? Can’t come up with a Setup?

When we are working on ourselves we can just get stuck sometimes and can’t come up with a specific event or form a decent Setup.


The more we try the more it seems to elude us – especially when we are working on the more global vague difficulties and overwhelm in our life – you know stuff like: Why can’t I find a decent man (or woman), I’m unhappy, I’m depressed, my business is going no where, I can’t find clients etc.

Now you all know that as EFTers we are to look for and address specific related events! But for now we either can not think of a specific related event, or we are still in the feeling sorry for ourselves stage :-) or maybe we just don’t want to go there; it all seems just too hard and overwhelming and we just go in circles in our heads.  And, we feel like the guy in the picture.

Four things to try when that happens:

1. Tap for the constricted breathing that your current “mess”is causing. Certainly does away with the intellectualizing and going in circles in our heads. :)  When we are stressed in any way it impacts our breath.
2. Go back to simply noting the physical manifestations of how your body responds when you are thinking about the problem and tap for that. Just tap for the feelings in your body.  I clarify this on my web page  Oh and by all means also sign up on that page for even more ways to effectively use EFT and create Setups for yourself.
3. Draw a picture of your current “mess.” Really, just get out some crayons or colored pencils and just draw. Tap then for the squiggly lines or the concentric circles or whatever is on your drawing.
All these suggestions tend to distance us a bit from the current “mess” and help give us clarity as to where to go next.
4. Call a tapping buddy or schedule an appointment with a practitioner you trust. It is difficult to be objective about our own stuff.

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Ann Adams