So you learned EFT from a website…

If you Google “Emotional Freedom Techniques,” you get something like a million results. Maybe you heard of EFT and learned how to use it on the web. There are some pretty good free resources. Some of the videos of the tapping points are especially nice.

From a mix of websites, maybe you’ve learned some of the points and some Setup statements, and maybe you heard that you should “be specific.” But when you start to use EFT by yourself for a real problem, you feel like you’re missing something. Exactly, how do you get specific with your own issue? How do you know if EFT is working? What do you do if it doesn’t? Can you really “try it on everything”? What about…?

The EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource will answer all these questions and more. In one place. From a reliable source.

The EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource is a well-researched thorough explanation of the basic EFT concepts and techniques from two experienced practitioners who worked hard to bring it all together and to explain it clearly. In addition, they gathered suggestions and hints from some of the most respected names in the field. The book is designed to be accessible to beginners, but it’s comprehensive enough that trainers and practitioners will find it useful as well.

AND, if you read EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource and feel like you really didn’t learn anything, I’ll give you your money back and pay for the shipping!

Want it? Click here.

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Ann Adams

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  1. sagar says:

    Please give hindi website.