Shifting Attention to Your BIG Toe

NLP or neurolinguistic programming impacted Gary Craig’s development of EFT. EFT is my top modality because it is quick and easy and has a very high success rate. My second favorite modality is NLP for the same reason; it is quick and easy and has a very high success rate. In one of the NLP Mindfest teleseminar series one of the presenters, Genie Laborde, discussed a way to decrease anxiety or other negative feeling in 90 seconds. Try this: switch your attention away from the anxiety and into your big toe. Now THAT is a rather novel idea. Then move your attention to your other big toe, then to the sole of each foot, then the ankles, the calf, etc. Go all the way up the body ending with the fingers. Notice what is happening in each part of your body. Laborde says to do this for a minimum of 90 seconds and the negative feeling is gone. I tried it today on the frustration about computer complexities and it worked. Would it work on more complex issues as well?  I’ll see how it works in the next few days.  Give it a try. Let me know if it works for you.

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Ann Adams