Redo, redid, redone

Ever have an serious desire, a major focus – OK, an obsession, to get something done? For three months my focus/obsession was to organize and deep clean my house, to reclaim it so to speak. I  not only removed all the dust and dirt in from every nook and cranny, I have repaired, replaced, refinished, recycled, reorganized, or redecorated everything in my house.

I found things I didn’t know I had, things I sure didn’t need and things I didn’t know how I’d lived without for so long.

I did no classes, very little marketing of my products or networking for new clients. I was, in a word, obsessed with my singular focus. Now, is having your house spotless and clean enough for pictures of your closets to be in a magazine an important goal? Well, in the overall list of the world’s problems certainly not. But, I had neglected my house and my environment for several years as I focused on EFT work and traveled all over the country and even to some foreign countries teaching EFT.

I decided this summer was MINE! Even more important – actually surprising because it’s so unusual for me – I decided that focusing on ME was OK.

It was great – really – I loved my no stress, no deadline summer.

But, I’m back!

BTW, I do windows. :-)

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Ann Adams