Question: Tapping for different issues.

Here is a recent question from an EFTer that I believe is relevant to many of you, “How close together can you tap for different issues.”

Ordinarily you would complete one event at the time that deals with your issue. You tap on all aspects until that event has a neutral impact on your emotions, in other words you have reduced your emotional reaction to a 0. You then pick the next event and keep tapping until that event is 0. You can do as many of those as you have time to spend tapping.

Generally a 20 minute session with your self is about as much as most people want to do. Others seem to be able to tap for themselves for an hour or more. Sessions with a therapist, however, seem to just fly by! It does seem easier to address our issues with an understanding person.

Many people try to tap generally about their issue rather than getting specific. So it may be that the issues you are working on are too general to get to any resolution in one session. For example, if your issue is a limiting belief like, I am not as good as other people. Using the Setup, “Even though I am not as good as others, I deeply and completely accept myself” will not be particularly effective.

Many of the examples of tapping scripts give people the idea that they can tap for a general issue successfully. I rarely find generic tapping to be successful. Tapping scripts can be helpful in giving people templates for inserting their own specific issue into the examples. Specificity of the issue we tap for is a basic factor in the success in using EFT.

After all we’ve formed our beliefs about ourselves and the world from events that occurred and our perception of it and the decisions we made about that event at the time. These perceptions and decisions were then reinforced by similar events through your life time until your belief really was “true” for you. So it makes a lot of sense to tap for those events.

Attacking your limiting belief, or perception about the world, is more effective if you ask yourself, “Where did I learn that?” and go back to a particular event, “Even though in the sixth grade, a boy I really liked made a ugly remark to me that I took to mean he didn’t think I was as good as the other girls in the class, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Develop Setups around what happened using the 5 senses and the physical reaction: [i.e. what you heard], who else was around[ i.e. what you saw], what feeling you have about it [i.e. the emotion], how your body feels when you think about it now [i.e. the physical response], even include any smells or tastes that are connected to the event.

When you find an event it is most helpful to tap on all those aspects around it: what you saw, heard, feel emotionally, feel physically, smelled or tasted. Each of the above can have specific aspects as well for instance, what you saw: who else was around, what everyone was wearing, expressions on faces, where they were standing/sitting in relation to you, the colors of the walls, furniture etc.

Any detail that you remember can be an aspect to develop a Setup around. Assess the strength of each Setup on the 0 to 10 scale so you can pick the most important ones, or in the event that some event is too painful for now so you can pick one you can manage for now.

And, of course, using my books helps you to tap more successfully.  :-)

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Ann Adams