On Beginning

The only thing stronger than the urge to give advice to others is their ability to ignore it.”  That is what my friends call an “Annism.”   An Annism is my particular take on the “truth.”  The truth, of course, as I see it.  :-)

That Annism on advice, let me rush to assure you, does not entirely prevent me from attempting to give advice! It only helps me understand why others (including myself, I’ll admit) ignore my attempt to share my ideas about what will make their life easier.  One of the best pieces of “advice” – which I often give to others wishing to accomplish something – is to “Just Do It” (which, as you are aware, is a “Nikeism” not an Annism.)

I have ignored that advice now for about 4 years. I have had this web address and blog for at least that long. Immobilized in indecision. What in the world to say that anyone would want to read? What is my real purpose for this space? Why do I want to spend my time on one more project? On top of all that, I have to learn a new program: WordPress. “They” tell me it is easy, all you have to do is…  Sure!!! Don’t you hate it when someone starts a sentence with, “All you have to do is…”

My friends have harrassed me for years. “You have a unique experience.” they tell me. But, my response is, “Don’t we all?” No one else travels our path. Everyone has a story. So I was/am a bit reluctant. Then I thought about how much I like to hear other’s stories. Maybe I should just dip my foot in the water and start. Maybe I should “Just Do It.” So you, brave reader, are reading my very first blog words.

Ok, I gotta go learn more about WordPress, I wonder how long that will take me. Gee, after all, all I have to do is….

And, the next time I have the guts enough to open up this site maybe I’ll have guts enough to share some of my own personal path in and out of the  EFT world.  In the mean time if you want to know more about the more “formal” me, check out the About Ann page.

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Ann Adams