On Insecurity

I have not written a new blog post now for about 6 months. Goes against everything I’ve read about blogging. Bad girl!! Yes, I’ve been busy. Yes, I’ve traveled a lot. Yes, I have lots of excuses. But, that’s no excuse.

Nobody who knows me well would consider me as an insecure person. But we all have our areas! And for me to put my thoughts on paper for others to see brings up every insecure factor remaining in my body and soul, believe it or not! That’s why it took me years to get “around” to starting this blog. After all, I’m supposed to know the importance of marketing. I even wrote a book on marketing – really! and a pretty good book too!

I’ve been involved in the energy world since 1999. I worked closely with the famous EFT founder, Gary Craig, in several ways, the last being the director of the past EFT Master Program. I’ve taught EFT in many states and several countries, presented at professional conferences, been mentioned in books by others, wrote a chapter in a popular book and, recently, even co wrote two books: EFT Level 1 (and 2) Comprehensive Training Resource [where did we get that name anyway?] I even think these course books are good, a terrific addition to the EFT libraries and a companion resource for EFT training classes, to help expand your knowledge about EFT. They are indeed a “resource.” And, if I read all that about someone else I’d think they were an expert in their field.

BUT, like so many others, I often discount my own accomplishments as “no big deal.” I understand that everyone second guesses their own knowledge – it is still a bummer.

There are many draft blogs yet unposted; I have been gathering ideas. Why? Why haven’t I posted? Oh, that one’s easy. It “exposes” me. My words are out there for the world to judge. And make no bones about it. People do judge. Gary used to say that we all judge with every breath we take. He’s right. Some more than others, some with malice and others with empathy, but judge we do. People can indeed, be a PITA sometimes. :) There is a part of me that believes that my perspective on all this could be helpful to some body (or hopefully to several some bodies) and I care about that more than I want to admit to myself. I’ve been around enough to realize I’d much rather learn from others mistakes and their hard earned knowledge. And I believe my readers would too.

As a therapist I’ve understood the importance of bringing our fears out into the light of day. So, in the interest of being able to get on with this blog you, dear reader (probably all 12 of you), are my light. Hopefully, I won’t have spinach between my teeth. You can let me know if I do.

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Ann Adams

3 Responses to “On Insecurity”

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  1. Kerry says:

    Thanks for helping me on my journey Ann. Your honesty about yourself and any shortcomings helps me the most. I can see you as a human with flaws instead of believing you are the special gifted one and I am not.

    Oh you have gifts for sure there is no doubt but your truth allows me to see my own gifts as well as my own shortcomings


    • annadams says:

      Thank you! Yes, the reality is that we are all flawed. And, we are all a special gift in some way.

  2. Lucille says:

    This blog was/is a real impetus for me about things I’ve been neglecting. Thank you Ann. It was the right time. A favorite affirmation for me is “I deeply and profoundly accept myself with all my problems and my flaws and all my blessings and gifts”.