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I learned about EFT in 1999. After studying and practicing EFT in my non work life I called Gary Craig to ask about others who had used EFT with kids. Gary gave me some resources and I called them for some assurance and guidance – at the time there were very few using EFT with children. I then began using EFT with children on the units of the residential treatment program to quickly calm them. As the director of the residential program, I didn’t have as much time with the children as I would like, but many times we were able to quickly work through one or more issue with them – or at least help them significantly calm down. There were many stories, some of which I wrote for Gary Craig’s early emofree.com newsletter. I am slowly going through those stories and modifying them for this blog. [See Children Category on the left for list of articles.]

In 2001 Gary asked if I would present using EFT for Children to one of his Specialty Series DVDs. ME? While I had been teaching, supervising staff, training and making presentations since 1974 I had never prepared a “speech” such as this to over 200 practitioners.  I was sweating bullets!  What did *I* have to say? Talk about a prime target for EFT. After it was all over I thanked Gary for giving me the opportunity to work through so many of my remaining insecurities.

As I say in my Marketing Book, when making a presentation you need two things: EFT AND preparation. I spent a couple of hundred hours on the two presentations I did for the Specialty Series part of the EFT Intermediate DVD set. And, because like I said above, I was sweating bullets, I probably spent another hundred hours tapping as well. Did I really have anything new or useful to say to that group; it all seemed so simplistic to me. At the time, I didn’t even consider that I’d had 15 years experience working with children in various roles and that maybe, just maybe, some of that could be  helpful or at least give those wanting to work with children a little different perspective. Well, it must have! Even now, over 13 years later, I still receive emails from people who were inspired by that talk. Who knew? Certainly not me at the time!

You know more than you think you do. Don’t underestimate what you know.

While the Specialty Series videos are no longer for sale, they can be rented and copied. Contact me for information.

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Ann Adams