On Annoyance

Writing the earlier blog on “all you have to do is…” reminded me of a conversation I had once with Gary Craig. We were talking about the multiple views people had on a particular topic. One person in particular was pushing their agenda around the issue. I mentioned to Gary that I was tapping for my reaction to them and trying to dig out all the “deeper” issues around my reaction and that I wasn’t getting very far. Gary laughed and said, “Some things are just annoying.” And, he’s right, some things are just annoying – tapping or no.

I remember too, Steve Wells, a terrific EFT practitioner and psychologist in Australia, saying that if you’ve tapped thoroughly about something you don’t like and you still don’t like it, it may be that you just don’t like it. We are human, we have our likes and dislikes and not all of these have deep seated reasons. So if you don’t like cauliflower and you have tapped on all the dinner scenes you can remember and your relationship with your mother, your wife and the grocer, maybe, just maybe you don’t like cauliflower because to you, it doesn’t taste good.

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Ann Adams