My trip to India

For the month of May 2013 I stayed in Anand, Gujarat, India. During that time I deviated from my EFT related posts and became a travel writer. I have since moved all those blogs to a separate page – after all this is supposed to be n EFT blog. But, if dear reader, you would like to read about my adventures in India CLICK HERE

Lots  of unique and terrific pictures of this area of India.  Below are a couple of pictures.

In telling others about the trip I’m often asked, “Weren’t you afraid?” Actually, no. While it is a bit intimidating to not speak the language and look different than all around you, the people were truly gracious, helpful and often very generous, certainly spiritual, many were strongly religious – in this area mostly Hindi.   I only saw a small part of India so I certainly cannot extrapolate about the entire country. But the differences in culture was a real reinforcer that how I view the world is certainly not shared by all. It truly reinforced my belief that we should never make assumptions that the person we are attempting to help is necessarily “like us.”  We must always be aware of individual uniqueness – whether very subtle or large.

We visited local schools, local families in very rural areas and visited the tribal areas. Here’s one of the children. The women generally dressing in very colorful clothing.0 Girl with Doll

I wore the comfortable informal Indian clothes while there. Made sense, too, in that heat. See more pictures at AnnIndia


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Ann Adams

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  1. Jillian Wheeler says:

    I’m so happy you are doing this – giving me a fresh eye on all you’re experiencing! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. K.J.Sebhastian says:

    Dear Ann,
    I am from the southern part of India and thank you for the exclusive coverage. The photographs speak volume and indeed a professional work. I invite you to visit southern India next time and to understand more about Indian culture. Once again kindly accept my sincere thanks and appreciation- K.J.Sebhastian