Thoughts about Tapping Scripts

Scripts abound on the internet.
Scripts have enabled many more people to be introduced to EFT and experience some of the benefits.
Some of the people doing these scripts are very fluent – sometimes it’s almost like hearing poetry! Impressive.

And, scripts are effective often enough for people to begin to think, “If only I knew the right words to say, my problem would go away.” So people search for a script for their particular issue – for them. We want something that applies just for us.

After all we are a culture that would really like it all to be done-for-you, i.e. done for ME. Give me the pill, give me the answer, give me the plan, give me the strategy (then carry it out for me). There is a book for internet marketers called “Don’t Make Me Think” that addresses the desire people have to have it quick and easy and to not have to dig deep or work hard.  Hey, I’m not pointing fingers! Me, too. I’d love to hand over all my challenges for someone else to do the “dirty” work parts and just let me do the fun parts!! The challenge naturally is there is no other person just like me!

We’ve all bought things from marketing copy that tells us in some way, “It’s not your fault” and “this program has the answer for you” and tells us that their product will “make you more money,” or help you “get along better” with your family or get you “more clients,”or ” be “more successful,” and to do it “easily and quickly.” On top of it all, in some way, their product and approach will “improve your life.” Next time look for those type statements in the copy from email, regular mail, flyers, etc.

Why is this approach so prolific? Because it works!!  We buy. The challenge then is that while the program we just bought fits some of our challenges, it never is THE perfect answer for all our challenges. It may be a really, really good program, but still some parts of it will only be effective for some of the people some of the time. So we keep looking, because we continue to be left with challenges and unanswered questions. Why? Because any program sold to a group of people is by definition – generic. Rarely does a generic program apply perfectly to YOUR specific challenge.

By definition, too, scripts are generic. Since most of us experience the same emotions (and the same challenges) generic wording could apply to many people – therefor being effective for some people some of the time. Just like any other program sold to “the masses.”

If you are a practitioner you probably have had people come to you who’ve been on youtube and internet sites. They tell you some version of “I want to learn the right words to say.”  Or, probably more truthful, they would like you to tell them the right words to say. The challenge here is thatas Gary Craig has often shared, words are only responsible for 10-20% of the success of EFT.  Now there’s no research I know of that proves that one way or the other but it does make sense. No research either, btw, that shows if or how much scripts are effective.

What is important is find a manageable specific piece of your issue. EFT is extremely effective when used on a specific. One suggestion, fairly easy to do on your own, is to tune in to the emotion, your physical feeling of upset when you think about whatever problem you want to address. Really focus on the feeling, the physical sensations it causes in your body and just tap. And, it’s not necessary to say any words at all. It works – you become calmer so you can think more clearly about your problem.

Why? Well first, because your physical manifestation of your issue is specific.  And because stimulating the acupuncture points really is not about the words. The most important part of EFT is to be tuned in, to focus on a specific. If, at the time, you cannot currently describe a specific event behind your global general problem, e.g. “I can’t seem to get ahead no matter what I do.” a good default is to focus on how your problem, whatever it may be,  is showing up in your body. Focusing on the manifestation, “sick feeling in the pit of my stomach” that thinking about your problem brings up is a great start.

Even scripts can be more effective if you are focused on the sensations in your body. That focus on the sensations may even be why the script helped. It’s not about the words. I’ve tapped successfully without words many,many  times with people when I’ve only guided them to really focus on the sensations and tap.

When we indicate, in whatever way, that words are the necessary part of EFT we truly do the power of EFT a disservice. But, back to the person who asked for the right words. We have to re-educate people that it is not finding the right words that you (or they) can say, it is about learning how to look inside and find those specific events that created the problem in the first place, or if we cannot find a specific event to focus on and work through the aspects of, start with focusing on how the presenting problem is showing up in our body.  It’s a terrific default – and specific – to start with.

Read about how to focus on physical sensations on a page on this web site.  You can also sign up for more downloads on how to use questions to help your client find their specifics to focus on.

If you are a helping professional who wants to learn more about integrating EFT into your toolkit check my Training Schedule. EFT Level 1 and 2 – Using EFT Professionally.  If interested, my classes can lead to certification in EFT.

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Ann Adams