I first met Lulu when traveling in New Zealand years ago where I was invited to teach EFT. I rented an RV while there to travel to the four different cities for classes and, of course, to see other parts of that beautiful country. It was a wonderful experience and a joy to meet so warm and friendly people and so many dedicated NZ EFTers. It was a lovely and memorable trip.

Sightseeing along the way, stopped in Christchurch. There In the gift shop of the beautiful Christchurch Cathedral (pre earthquake) sat Lulu – it was love at first sight. We’ve been together ever since.

When I take trips – short or long – in my small RV, sometimes with a friend, but always with my dog Morkie and “Lulu” who has kept me company through several challenging situations in my life. Lulu has been with me longer than Morkie. She has her own little place in my suitcase on car, train, and plane trips, has the run of the RV, the car and my house. Lulu is actually a very – small – stuffed – – – – Lamb!

Why a dedication to Lulu? Why a dedication to a stuffed (but very cute) little lamb?

Originally, having Lulu on the NZ trip was simply a lark. But, I took Lulu back to Georgia and sat her on my desk. I’d look up and smile at the memory of the terrific trip. Over time, however, as she sat patiently through many projects and events, Lulu evolved to become my talisman, my “token” for grace under pressure. I see Lulu as a reminder that whatever happens, I can deal with it.

She sat faithfully and patiently near the computer as I spent hours on big projects like workshop and presentation planning, doing my income tax, my parts of the EFT Level 1, 2, 3 books, etc. She was happy with my occasional glance her way. One day toward the end of the Level 3 book project, when I truly was brain weary and need a shift in focus. I wrote a dedication to Lulu.

The (almost) tongue in cheek dedication to Lulu didn’t make it into the book, but I am printing it here as a token – not just my joy in having that huge task completed – but as a thank you to the symbol Lulu represents.

When I look up at her very loyal stance, usually near my computer, I smile. She’s a reminder that, “Ok, it’s a challenge, you’ve handled challenges before; this is doable.  Get on with it.”

Silly?  Maybe I “should” have picked a more grownup image. But isn’t it the child in us that gets afraid we can’t handle something? She has become my “anchor” for confidence in accomplishment. Lulu is my reminder, my symbol, of my ability to get on with it. And, sometimes I really need that! I think we all need that sometimes. Your talisman, your symbol of I-can-do-it-get-on-with-it is probably very different than mine! Perhaps not a “thing” but a statement, or a place or a memory you call up.

The 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand killed 185 people and destroyed many buildings and homes in and around the city, including the collapsing of the Cathedral spire. The church has been closed ever since. Lulu’s original “home” is no more. Our hearts went out to, and still go out to, all those affected. It felt personal.

There is ongoing discussion in Christchurch about whether to rebuild as it was, rebuild in a more modern way or leave it as is.  Each choice would create a symbol, each with a different meaning, an anchor for something. It will be interesting to see what evolves.

Below is Lulu’s dedication; a dedication to all the positive symbols and anchors in the world that give encouragement to people to keep on keeping on in the face of challenge and adversity.

To Lulu:

Thank you for your patience, your loyalty, your constant presence during so many challenging events and times and projects in my life. Thank you for being my consistent reminder of you-can-do-it-get-on-with-it. Thank you for reminding me too, that there can be grace under pressure, no matter how upsetting things can be.  I am grateful to have found you.

If you would like to have the Level 3 book, you can get it here.

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Ann Adams