Letting Negative Emotions Go

It is not that we are never to experience negative emotions. As humans we will experience an entire range of emotions – and actually that is a good thing. The “trick” is to not have a negative emotion come home to roost. We observe it, identify it, accept it  and let the negative emotion move on in its journey. Gary Craig was heavy into the Course in Miracles. One of the key points in this philosophy is that there are only two emotions: fear and love. So if we are not in a state of love, gratitude, and acceptance we are in a state of fear. As we all have experienced, fear can come in many disguises: anxiety, anger, depression, grief. Step back and observe. Instead of “Oh no, not again, why is this happening to me, there must be something inherently wrong with me.” Try regular, yes, at times even continual, tapping and you will increasingly be able to step back to observe. “Oh, there is an OCD symptom (or anxiety or whatever) behavior again, that’s interesting. Let me watch it and see what happens.” Nothing stays stagnate when observed.

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Ann Adams