I love testimonials :-)

If you have ever written a book or article or anything for a more public audience – or simply attempted to decide how best to represent yourself on a web site – you know what I mean when I say that receiving a testimonial such as below warms my heart.

Lots of time, frustration, hard work, difficult decisions and minor annoyances – well sometimes major annoyances – are involved in the journey toward publication.  You read your work so many times it starts to blur and you not only get sick of reading it over and over you miss grammar and spelling errors. And, writing a book can be lonely.

Although I had a co-author and fact checker and editor for the EFT Level 1 and 2 Comprehensive Training Resources writing is still lonely. Putting your words on paper gives you the opportunity to bring out remaining insecurities one may have.  After all you are putting yourself out there for all to see – pretty much forever! You will live with the consequences of your decisions of wording and content and the mistakes you may have made. In addition, you question yourself as you write – is this the best way to say that? Would it be clear to the reader? Does it flow? What do I have to say to people anyway? Does the organization of the content make sense? Who am I to tell anyone how to do this?  Gee, how did I get myself into this? What was I thinking?

Questions that any level of writing can bring up – not only books and articles but writing a simple blog post – jeez I can even wallow in indecision over answering email thoroughly and tactfully.  I may think the end result is good but I still wonder is the reader gaining from my intent. Does it meet the need of the reader? Is it clear? Does it really say what I want it to? Did the words I used best convey the meaning I wanted to get over? More important – Is it helpful?

Years ago I first became involved with the coaching field. One man I admired a lot was the late Thomas Leonard, considered the “father of coaching.” In his communications he always ended his communication with a fervent wish along the lines of: “I hope you find this helpful.”   That is the wish I have with everything I write, “I hope you find this helpful.”

So, when I receive testimonials like the below it can lay to rest all that lonely wondering if, indeed, someone, somewhere, has found my efforts helpful.  Thanks Kay!!

Fortunately, the very excellent EFT Comprehensive Training Resources have come along to fill an important gap in what was previously available in the EFT world. With clarity, skill and professionalism the authors have created a series that is fun to read and easy to understand. The structure of the material and numerous illustrations contribute to ease of learning. You will find answers to your questions, powerful insights you won’t find anywhere else, and plenty of examples to enlighten and inspire. These guides are excellent companions for every serious EFT student/practitioner and will be referenced for many years to come.    Kay Christopher, AAMET Certified Trainer

Next EFT Level 1 and 2 training classes are in Atlanta in May and August 2014.

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Ann Adams