Why I Became Interested in EFT

In 1992 I set up and ran a large children’s outpatient mental health clinic covering 6 counties in North Georgia. The program received a good bit of recognition and was modeled all over the state – I was fortunate to be able to develop the clinic with the most state of the art therapies and programs. But we were never as effective as I wanted to be. The children’s funding was cut, reducing the program and I left there in 1999 to be the director of a residential treatment program for severely disturbed children. In that same year I discovered EFT.

Why would I be interested in something like EFT? After all, I was a no nonsense administrator! My programs were modeled on the best research; I hired the best and most creative staff I could find.   Why would I be so interested in an, as yet unproven, off the beaten path technique? As a manager I held the values of effectiveness and efficiency. As a social worker I always wondered why we could not find the “off” switch for the effects of a traumatic event. I was interested in what worked for the clients.

Could EFT be an effective and efficient off switch? I jumped in to learn everything I could about EFT. I bought and studied carefully all of Gary Craig’s DVDs. I attended almost all of the workshops Gary held from 2000 to 2007. I tried EFT with family, friends, even strangers until I was comfortable enough to use it with the children. I did not require research to prove to me what my own eyes could see. I was hooked!

Note: Many of the articles I wrote for Gary Craig’s old web site emofree.com are reprinted on this site. See the right column for links to the articles.

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Ann Adams