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Gary Craig has released his new web site: which includes new free tutorials and another set of more advanced on line videos, Art of Delivery. Since Gary is asking that we change our EFT training and materials to reflect the new information, as I read and go through the tutorials (and the new on line videos, “Art of Delivery”) I will post here any differences I see in what we’ve all previously learned as EFT from his old web site tutorials and the now “Official EFT.”  I will also make any additions necessary to update the EFT4PowerPoint Training Package to include any new information and clarify what could now be omitted from training. (If you have already purchased my updated version you will receive these updates fre e. )

Here is my first commentary about the more obvious changes outlined.

  • The Shortcut is now called The Basic Recipe and the other parts of the old basic recipe, finger points and 9 gamut are “put on the shelf” for use when “stuck.”   You still start with KC, karate chop, to help focus on what you want to address and hopefully “set up” the energy system to accept the tapping.  But now you begin with the Top of the Head which was considered before to be an “additional” EFT point not in the initial tutorials. I’m glad to see this now officially added as, since Gary often used it in his later videos, the top of the head point has been in frequent use by practitioners for years.  The remaining points, from the collarbone to under the arm remain the same. [Forgot the points? Check out his tutorial on the link below.]
  • The term Psychological Reversal (PR) has been eliminated. Hurrah! As much as I studied this field the term PR never made sense to me. The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) has also eliminated this term in their training materials. ACEP is now calling it Blocks to Success which I agree is much more descriptive and ACEP also describes other energy imbalances and how to address them in their training materials.. Gary apparently did not adopt the ACEP term. He is saying that PR is a form of secondary gain/loss or another aspect to be resolved just like any other aspect.
  • Official EFT eliminates The Sore Spot, Collarbone Breathing, and the Eyeroll because “of their rare use.”  However, I know several practitioners who prefer the Sore Spot to the karate spot. And others, including myself, who often end a round that has a very low intensity of 1 or 2 using the Eyeroll with great success.  The Eyeroll can be a real shortcut after intensity has reduced to very low numbers.  I do agree that these energy exercises may not be a key part of EFT. But are useful to know. I’ll write a later blog on some more of my favorite energy exercises – they can be helpful when working with people but they are certainly not considered EFT.
  • The Reminder Phrase is continued to keep us focused on our issue but it is no longer necessary to modify additional tapping rounds on the event as the intensity is decreased, e.g. we no longer use wording such as, “This remaining intensity…”

Click below to go directly to Gary Craig’s new Official EFT Tutorial:

Gary Craig’s Official EFT Tutorial

More later,

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Ann Adams

3 Responses to “Gary’s New Web Site”

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  1. jody says:

    Hi ann, I too have been looking through Gary’s site and am happy to hear you will be offering any updates to your c.d. as i purchased it in 2010 and that you will post any differences you might come across from past to present. I look forward to your comments about all of this. I too think the floor to ceiling eye roll can be quite useful when suds are low and will continue to use it. I think the gamut sequence still has merit for use with trauma, based on the assumption that our eyes can act like a lens of a camera and hold “images” in the mind especially for individuals who tend to process visually v.s. auditory or in a kinesthetic way. If you watch a client process a memory and their eyes tend to rest looking up rather than side to side or down, that will give the hint they are seeing in pictures.Eye rolls of the gamut sequence might be useful for these clients.

    About PR….i think this deserves more investigation. After I witness Fred Gallo (energy psy conference) working with an individual with muscle testing and PR I am not convinced that it is merely a form of secondary gain/loss or another aspect to be resolved just like any other aspect. It includes all that Gary states and definitely can be a block to success yet the state of reversal can be deeply entrenched for some clients and i think often relates to diet and chemicals in the system as well. Stacy Vonbecks protocols for PR can be quite useful.I think tapping directly on PR, (KC point)directly for PR can help reorganize the field and then continue as normal with the limiting beliefs that are blocking, but I have no solid evidence to really substantiate this. jody

    • Ann says:

      I agree that the concept of energy being imbalanced is an important one. It was the term Psychological Reversal that created so much confusion and I am glad that both Gary and ACEP have eliminated the term. You bring up another important issue around PR that I will address in a different blog post.

      • Yvonne Toeset says:

        Thanks Ann, for your quick reply on Gary’s new tutorial. I am also studying the new material as I am writing my second book on EFT here in The Netherlands. I agree that the term PR is confusing, but when people have a block, it needs more detectivework. I agree on that with Jody. But when I am teaching a introductionary workshop on EFT, I use the sorespot a lot when people a blocking the process. This because in a short workshop with all new people I do not work on a personal deep level. That is for most ( non-professionals) people not safe. The sore-spot is a great help to get them over any block, without charing deep personal issues in the group.
        Hope to hear more from you Ann!
        Yvonne Toeset
        AAMET Level 3 trainer