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              What will you learn?
Using EFT Professionally EFT Level 1 and 2
    A three day class leading to certification


Why learn from Ann?

Ann with ClassEFT Master Trainer Ann Adams, LCSW, DCEP, EFT-Honors and AAMET Master Trainer of Trainers.  Ann is uniquely qualified to teach EFT to others.

  • Certified EFT Master Trainer through AAMET
  • Attended 13 of Gary Craig’s  live workshops + in depth study of EFT
  • Presented on Using EFT with Children at Gary Craig’s Specialty Workshop
  • Worked with Gary to design the first EFT training guidelines
  • Was picked by Gary to direct the now past EFT Master program
  • Created the EFT4Powerpoint training package now used around the world
  • Co authored two course books: EFT Level 1 (& 2 &3) Comprehensive Training Resources
  • Taught EFT since 2000 around the US and in many countries.
  • Ann lives in Rome, GA about 65 miles NW of Atlanta. Read more about Ann
  • Questions? Contact Ann 

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Why learn EFT?


Are you a counselor, therapist, coach or other helping professional?
EFT is readily integrated into your existing modalities. Would you like to easily:

  • Decrease client resistance – which can increase your effectiveness
  • Increase calm – Increase focus and clarity
  • Decrease or negate the impact of emotional pain
  • Decrease stress and anxiety – which often decreases physical pain, allowing the body to heal.

Questions? Contact Ann 

Wondering how to Integrate EFT into your Practice?

Gena Rotas, School Counselor, Licensed Social Worker

Karen Arthur, Psychotherapist, Licensed Social Worker

Laura Mazza Gonick, Mental Health, Licensed Mental Health Counselor


What will you learn

  • Brief history of EFT
  • Basic concepts of EFT includes all topics recommended by the founder of EFT and additional topics recommended by other professional organizations for training EFT practitioners
  • The Discovery Statement as a foundation for EFT and effect of energy disruptions
  • Identifying obstacles and resistances and simple techniques for overcoming them
  • The steps to the EFT Basic Recipe and Full Basic Recipe
  • EFT shortcuts – ways to streamline this already quick and elegant technique
  • Ways to increase the effectiveness of EFT: Importance of being specific and easy methods for getting specific Methods for dealing with shifting aspects of an issue When to be persistent and when to slow down
  • The wide range of physical and emotional issues addressed with EFT and the few areas where EFT shouldn’t be used
  • How to test progress when using EFT
  • How to handle slow progress or seeming setbacks
  • Learn the five “workhorses” of EFT techniques
  • How to develop your own “Personal Peace Procedure”
  • Importance of Cognitive Shifts and how to watch for verbal and physical signs
  • How to work with bothersome memories, phobias, and addictive cravings
  • Practice and experience the incredible results of EFT with your own issue
  • Principles from The Palace of Possibilities – how the past limits our lives and choices in the present
  • Why affirmations often are ineffective and how to change that with EFT
  • How to use the EFT “gentle” techniques when emotional intensity is high:
  • How to present EFT in groups – the application, uses, and advantages of group tapping including Borrowing Benefits
  • Using questions effectively to find core issues – getting to the root of the problem
  • How to know whether an issue has been completely collapsed and how to look for remaining aspects
  • How to address physical issues
  • And more!

Questions? Contact Ann 

Fast paced, hands on, How To workshop has you using these methods the very next day.

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What others have said about Ann’s  classes:

 “The clear structure and mixture of activities helped drive home the learnings. Practical and paced properly.”              – Mike Broadwell

“I learned a variety of techniques to place in my ‘toolbox.’ Excellent presentation.”  – Terry Davidson

“The step by step organization [of the concepts] was just what I needed”  – Cindy Kubica

“The class was a combination of excellent presentation materials and interaction.”  – Catherine Rogers

Click for  more information about Energy Psychology and EFT Research

This three day class will teach you how to introduce and most effectively use Emotional Freedom Techniques with your clients. While the basic process of EFT is simple, we all know that people are complex. This class teaches the nuances of using EFT with any population.Energy psychology methods such as EFT  are not a “treatment;” EFT is a powerful exercise that calms the body. As a helping professional, these techniques will boost your efficiency and decrease your stress. EFT is a  mind/body technique that can decrease anxiety and cravings, and more, while increasing a sense of control and well-being. Energy psychology techniques such as EFT combines beautifully with many therapeutic techniques and methods and generally increases their effectiveness.

And, EFT can be easily taught to clients as a powerful self-help tool. Adding energy psychology techniques can often decrease the time necessary for your client to meet their therapeutic goals. Join us and learn:

Quick ways to calm your client – or yourself How to introduce energy methods to your clients How to use EFT with cravings, physical issues, phobias and negative memories. Why our clients sabotage the very things they say they want Key ways to decrease that same self-sabotage Ways to use Energy Psychology for self-care Where to find all the latest research on these amazing methods 


blueguyWhen we are upset we experience a psychological reaction – a negative emotion. Chemicals are released in our body; we have a physical response such as increased pulse rate, face flushing, heart pounding, etc. The field of Energy Psychology operates on our body’s fourth involved system: The energy system. Energy psychology operates on the principal that:
* our energy system is disrupted first,
* then the chemical, the physical and
* finally the psychological.

After all, we need a reaction from our body to for us to recognize that we have an emotion. If our energy system is disrupted first, it makes a lot of sense to address the energy system first. Energy psychology utilizes acupressure points used by acupuncturists, minus the needles. In most cases, you merely tap on the acupressure points. Acupuncture has been used in many parts of the world for thousands of years and gained popularity in the USA in the 1950s. Skeptical? I was too. I still am amazed at the effectiveness, but I could not deny the results I was seeing using these techniques. The awareness of Energy Psychology techniques has grown significantly since I began teaching EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) 10 years ago. This class will teach you effective ways to get the quickest and best results.


Loved the many new ways to work with clients using their words. The pacing of instructions, class demos, plenty of time for Q&A. Ann’s knowledge and skills were shared so effectively and generously. Experiential, Simplicity combined with complexity – very powerful. Loved the demos, practice, organization and Ann’s humor.

“I loved the intimate groups with people who were willing to learn in a safe environment. The materials and handouts were very appropriate and easy to follow and absorb. I learned so much.” – Debra Thompson

Originally anxious about learning the material but your style and humor and confidence really helped me. – Tim

All Ann Adams’ EFT Level 1 and 2 workshops are intended to be consistent with the content of Gary & Tina Craig’s Gold Standard EFT Tutorial. The quality of this workshop is the responsibility of Ann Adams, of EFT Master Training.

Ann’s workshops are also posted on EFT-Workshops.net which lists workshops about EFT world wide

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