EFT Limericks

I love limericks and enjoy writing them. It’s another favorite diversion.
Here’s one on EFT.

ME and EFT

There is a lady named Ann
Doing the best that she can

She came upon EFT
Said, “Wow! That’s for me.”

Now she’s EFT’s greatest fan.

Keep in mind I didn’t say they were good limericks  :-)

I’d love to see your EFT limerick.

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Ann Adams

One Response to “EFT Limericks”

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  1. Bianca says:

    Here comes a limerick with small “limps”, hopefully not too disgraceful:

    There is this sweet lady named Ann
    who promptly became a real EFT(pronounce “ifty”) fan
    Wow! This technique
    Easy and unique
    She now teaches to Child, Man and Woman