EFT Level 2 – Expand Your Knowledge

The EFT Level 2 book expands on the basics from EFT Level 1 and provides for more advanced self-care and clearly explains more complex techniques to help practitioners work competently and responsibly. A terrific companion to any live training and a helpful reference guide for any serious student of EFT.

EFT Comprehensive Training Resource Level 2

Readers are saying some very nice things:

“State of the art training in EFT.” Sandi Radomski

“Stunning example of professional mastery…” Patricia Carrington

“It’s a clear, user friendly explanations even for beginners…” Iyanla Vanzant

“Should be in every practitioner’s library.” Forrest Samnick

“Well written, organized, clear and easy to understand.” Loretta Sparks

“A comprehensive understandable guide. Pamela Bruner

“Beautifully illustrated and thoroughly supported with examples and insights.” Lucy Shaw

“Light years ahead and done well. Enclosing a check for a second copy. Dr. Parinsky

EFT Level 2 Comprehensive Training Resource is available in my online store. Order your copy here. NO shipping charge to anywhere in the world when you order Level 1 and 2! Lots of folks outside of the US have really appreciated free shipping.

AND, an unusual money back GUARANTEE: If you really don’t think you learned anything from these clear, comprehensive resource books just send it back and I’ll give you your money back.

WANT a SAMPLE? Folks have asked, “So what’s different about your book from other EFT books out there?” See a sample of Chapter 1.

Order these helpful books now!

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Ann Adams

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  1. Nancy Sasse says:

    Sign me up. And it will not be returned. I’ve used your workshop DVD and the EFT Masters Series and learned so much. Thanks!