EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource

What others are saying about this comprehensive resource for EFT students and trainers:

…really well written, explains concepts clearly, and provides excellent information in perfectly sized learnable chunks. The perfect balance of case examples, questions to keep the reader actively engaged and suggested exercises. I think this Resource is a really significant contribution to the EFT Community.
—Carol Odsess, PhD Licensed Psychologist

What an apt title as this book really does live up to its name! It’s well laid out and easy to follow making learning enjoyable…I especially like the ‘knowledge tests’ along the way. Written by well respected EFT experts, this Resource is a must for anyone interested in learning EFT.
— Helena Fone Author, Emotional Freedom Techniques for Dummies

I just bought your book. It is very well written, super clear with excellent examples. Bravo! I am extremely glad that I purchased it. When do you plan to publish Level 2, as I would buy it in a heartbeat.” No Name given.

…stands alone as an authoritative reference to the key ideas and procedures that are quickly establishing acupoint tapping as one of the most important clinical and self-help developments to have emerged during my 40 years as a psychologist.”
—David Feinstein, PhD Co-author, The Promise Of Energy Psychology

Congrats on the great book…I make it a “must” for all my students. It is such a clear,concise reference guide.
Claudia Schecter, www.quantumbalance.ca