EFT and Index Cards

I’ve been a fan of 3X5 index cards since college days when, in what would be considered prehistoric times by today’s college students, I wrote notes and quotes on index cards to arrange in order to complete college papers using a manual typewriter.

23020705_sI still use index cards, now for different purposes. I make to do lists, errands to run, notes to myself and inspirational sayings I frequently review. So what are my favorite sayings? For the morning there is Emile Coue’s famous mantra: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”

In the evening on my night table is another affirmation: “My body is healthy,” a good thought to leave in my head as I sleep. And, years ago in times of working in a tough job with difficult people I created a car tag format:  DLB493, symbolic of the Latin phrase Illegitimi non carborundum (look it up!) that kept me sane in a toxic environment for many years.

So what do Index cards have to do with sharing with you my favorite EFT routine? EFT was added to my daily self-care activities in 1999. I made my Personal Peace List on index cards, which BTW have room for a maximum of 10 items – quite enough of my “events” to look at and deal with at one time!!  I worked down the list(s) for years. While we are never “through” and new ones do continue to appear it does not seem as overwhelming a task anymore.

Now I start the day – OK, total honesty, most days – with a three part “daily work out” with checking out my breath. Breath is often our “early warning system.” What % of a full breath am I taking today? I tap until it is up to 100% or something pops up that I need to address. Generally some annoyance and/or some annoying person. Then I am faced with having to deal with what it is about me that the issue or person brings up. Gee, it is enough to stop being annoyed with people if every time you get annoyed at someone else’s behavior you have to look at that behavior in yourself!!

Like most of you practitioners and entrepreneurs out there I am busy. So the maximum time I allot to my morning tapping ritual is 15 minutes. So, sometimes issues that come up take several days to address; I write down the aspects – drum roll – on my index cards to address the next day.

Second, if time, I check out how I am feeling that day and tap for whatever uncomfortable physical feelings I may have. Admittedly tapping for my body sometimes is my top annoyance.

Third, I look at whatever problem is in my face at the time. Keeping down overwhelm is an on-going battle for most entrepreneurs! I tap for my emotions and any corresponding self talk. This one seems the hardest to do. I often use my tapping buddies to tap and hash out the best approach for whatever project is overwhelming me at the time.

Do I always do all this? No. I am human after all, with all the corresponding foibles that go along with that species. I’ve been known to go spells without tapping at all!! (But don’t tell anyone.)

I’d love to hear about your own tapping ritual or methods! Comment below.

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Ann Adams

4 Responses to “EFT and Index Cards”

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  1. dejoly says:

    I have used tapping to get past food cravings, food that is generally not good for me. When I remember to tap, I am usually successful. It’s the remembering that is challenging.

    • annadams says:

      Yes, it is indeed the remembering in the pressure of the moment that is challenging. Having a routine times to use EFT daily for whatever issues are current in your life helps to decrease our overall stress which does help to decrease the times we feel the cravings. Acceptance of our fallibility as humans is helpful – we simply aren’t going to be perfect.

      • Cicely Blalock says:

        I guess that is the question I had. Like if we know we have a problem, like a food craving, is it alright to tap on it ahead of time or is it just best to wait and see if the issue comes up and tap on it then?

        • annadams says:

          It’s always best to tap before the craving comes up, or at least before the craving is very very strong. Usually people can get in touch with at least some of the craving triggers at any time. If you haven’t you may wish to go to http://FromtheDeskofAnnAdams.com/IntroEFT and sign up for the 3 part series that teaches how to ask yourself useful questions to get to specific events or sensations that you can then tap for.