Don’t Forget the PPP

The Personal Peace Procedure can be very useful both when using EFT on your own and when you work with a client. Most people describe their troubles with one or more fairly general presenting complaints such as: I’ll never find anyone, I am always passed over, I am miserable, I’m really conflicted about this decision, my life sucks, or as the old childhood rhyme goes, nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I want to eat worms.

Making a list of the negative events in your life, or having your client do so, and then picking out one or more of these events that may relate to the more general presenting problem is a terrific place to start.

There are many ways to “start” with EFT and I’ll talk about those in later posts, but using the Personal Peace Procedure, which is simply a lengthy list of bothersome events in your life, is a useful way to get specific quickly and to clearly identify something you can measure to mark your progress. Seeing progress with EFT is not only very satisfying it is a great motivator to continue using EFT – and it could be you no longer want to eat worms.

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Ann Adams