Difference in TFT and EFT

What’s the difference between TFT and EFT? – Another question from a student.

Primarily 3 differences.
1) The order of points to tap matters (TFT) – Doesn’t matter (EFT).
2) Use muscle testing to “diagnose” which point to tap in what order (TFT) – Just tap all the points (EFT).
3) Doesn’t use words as you tap (TFT) – Uses words while tapping (EFT) .

TFT was developed by Roger Callahan, Ph.D. and is focused on “diagnosing” with muscle testing which acupuncture point to tap and in which order.  While theoretically possible to muscle test for yourself the order of points, generally the client needs someone else to do the diagnosing for them. This complexity makes TFT  not as much a self help technique as is EFT. However, TFT has developed many “algorithms” for various common issues that can be used by the client on their own.

Many, many in the energy world believe that the order of the tapping does not matter. This difference in belief is what led Gary Craig to the conclusion that if you merely tapped all of the points several times you would hit the one(s) in need of balancing, therefor, no need for muscle testing the order.  In addition, he felt that the meridians in the body were connected and that by tapping one you did help balance the others.

Why then did Gary teach and use a specific order of points? As he often stated in his live workshops, (I attended 13 of them) to  start at the top and work down is easier to teach and to remember. His reasoning was not that the order he taught to tap the points is the only way to tap the points. Actually you could start anywhere and tap any point in any order for the same result. His goal was simply to cover all the points.  And, covering all the points each time is actually not necessary every time either. Sometimes a few points – maybe even be just one – will quickly reduce the intensity.

Originally TFT also used language.  Setups such as,”Even though I have this [problem statement], I deeply and completely accept myself” were created with the client. Sometime after the development of EFT, Callahan dropped the use of words with TFT, stating it is the tapping that is effective not the wording.

When I started out in the energy world in 1999, I took both Callahan’s and Craig’s study courses. I became certified to the TFT-Dx.  And TFT did work; it is an excellent technique which has spawned several other key modalities. But I, like Gary Craig, who studied under Callahan, noted that the order didn’t really seem to matter. And, I liked the concept behind Setups that combine a specific problem statement with a significant piece of acceptance of self. To pair the fact that you have a problem and the fact that you are still a decent human being – however it is stated – is a real gift to us. I have since studied many other energy methods and consistently return to EFT because of the simplicity and the usefulness of EFT as a self help tool – I am all about empowerment.

Another advantage of EFT  is its broader spread appeal, it is the primary method used in researching effectiveness of energy modalities and there are many levels support for those using EFT e.g. professional organizations e.g. (ACEP),  and a wealth of on line articles, forums, webcasts, websites, videos, audios and books.  After Gary “retired,” Tina Craig paired up with ACEP for the ACP-CEP certification program.

Basically tapping EFT points is similar to the TFT concept of an algorithm which were created to deal with specific emotional issues, grief, loneliness, anger, depression, love pain, etc. But in my experience I found it didn’t matter which algorithm I used for which emotion – usually any one worked for any reported emotion. Besides our emotions are so often intertwined and confused it can be difficult to say exactly what the emotion is. EFT covers the bases by using all of the points used in TFT. EFT simply taps all of them in every tapping round.

Does the effectiveness of TFT or EFT depend on the order of the points? While the results are not totally in, probably not. We are learning more every day about how to utilize the meridian system of our body – and, there are many tapping variations out there that are effective.

However, ease of teaching matters and consistency matters for research purposes and in the ability to identify a method. For those two reasons, I think the order does matter. At least for now.

A major departure from TFT is that EFT does use language, which may be the biggest challenge for newbies as they are often concerned and confused about  using the “right”words.  Watch for a blog soon about this. So again, the key differences:

  • TFT – Uses muscle testing to “diagnosis”  the order of tapping points. The order  is important, not the words.
  • EFT – The order doesn’t matter. Words are very helpful to assist in reframing and/or resolving negative events and emotions. The order is, however, useful for training and research purposes.

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Ann Adams

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    Thanks for information
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  2. Jondi Whitis says:

    Ann, Loved this blog. Really good stuff; many of my students have these questions, and I appreciate the clarity with which you answer. Keep up the fabulous work! Hope to see you again soon,

  3. annadams says:

    Thanks! I love answering questions on this blog. So keep sending them in. Ann