On Certification

People often ask me about certification in EFT. My answer is always the same. Be clear as to why you want certification. How will it change your business?  How will having that certification increase or improve your business? In what way will it increase your credibility? If you already have a license and use EFT only as a part of your work with people you probably don’t need an EFT certification in order to utilize EFT into your practice.

Whatever EFT training you receive the most important part is the quality and qualification of your trainer. And, the most important part of an EFT certification program is the quality of the mentoring/supervision you receive. Choose carefully, whether or not certification is the goal, as to who your mentor/ supervisor will be. Be sure to pick someone well grounded in using EFT, and with whom you resonate.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can choose to set up a certification program in EFT. Gary gave EFT to the world. Just because it’s listing itself as a certification program does not mean credibility.

There are advantages, however, in certification programs that are established, recognized, democratically run, professional organizations. When any program is run by an individual there is always the chance of it going away or changing in ways that are no longer what you bought into at first.

The benefit of any certification program, however, no matter who does it, is that it gives notice to the public that you cared enough about your ability and competencies to “jump through” the hoops required to prove you are a serious student and that you intend to be the best you can be.

I am not sure at this point in time that any certification for EFT or any other energy psychology method is widely recognized by “the powers that be.” Certainly not yet in the United States. Again, the benefit, in in the quality of the mentoring/supervision you receive and in adding a certification to your marketing materials does put others on notice that you are serious enough and confident enough about your abilities to go through a testing and evaluation process.


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Ann Adams