Ever been to the doctor, surgery, or hospital where the staff comes in and asks, “How are ‘we’ this morning?” Ever had your practitioner/therapist etc. say something like, “Well, ‘we’ need to work on…”? As a practitioner have you ever made such a comment to your client like, “Let’s see […] Read more »


We all have challenging times in our lives and, if we are lucky, there are inspirational influences in the form of books, poetry, music, places, activities and people that help encourage us, remind us of our strengths, renew our faith in ourselves (and sometimes in others) and guide us to […] Read more »

Stretching to Fit – Procrustes Style!

We talk a lot about our ideas about what makes us humans tick. We also tend to get ideas, hunches, or intuitions as to what is going on with our clients – even ourselves! Without getting into a debate about where all this comes from – or whether we are […] Read more »

Baby Steps

TAKING BABY STEPS CAN BE A VERY GOOD THING I am a very big proponent of baby steps. That’s how most all changes are made. If you will make just one – however small – change in your life it can break the cycle of “stuckness.” After all if you […] Read more »

What do VETs really want in therapy?

How Veterans Perceive Therapy and Therapists Only 50% of veterans with distress ever come for services. Of the half that do walk into the “Behavioral Health” services door, you have only about 20 minutes to show them you “get them” before 60% decide to drop out after the first visit. […] Read more »

Key Secrets to Getting EFT Accepted in Institutions

Two key secrets to getting EFT accepted into agencies, organizations, institution?  1) Credibility and 2) Connection. When we begin to experience the benefits of using EFT, often our next thought is to share it with others. You may even wish to introduce it to agencies, institutions, organizations that could use […] Read more »

What does EFT Give Us?

Many times I have described EFT as “acupuncture for emotions without the needles” or explained that EFT “balances our energy system.”  Both very true and can generate interest from the other person to ask more about EFT. When sharing the benefits about EFT especially in writing, however, those explanations just […] Read more »

I love testimonials :-)

If you have ever written a book or article or anything for a more public audience – or simply attempted to decide how best to represent yourself on a web site – you know what I mean when I say that receiving a testimonial such as below warms my heart. […] Read more »

My trip to India

For the month of May 2013 I stayed in Anand, Gujarat, India. During that time I deviated from my EFT related posts and became a travel writer. I have since moved all those blogs to a separate page – after all this is supposed to be n EFT blog. But, […] Read more »