Perception turned upside down with EFT

Do you ever over schedule yourself and find “juggling” all the commitments is getting close to impossible? I’ve been in that place in the last few weeks! So if you missed my email last week and wondering why this one is late – that’s why. I’m digging out but I’ve […] Read more »


I first met Lulu when traveling in New Zealand years ago where I was invited to teach EFT. I rented an RV while there to travel to the four different cities for classes and, of course, to see other parts of that beautiful country. It was a wonderful experience and […] Read more »

Are you as “gifted” as Mozart?

“Why are some people so good at what they do whereas others struggle with the most basic of tasks? Have you ever wondered if you were capable of achieving more in your work and life?” This is how the guest blogger Jeff Goins, author of How to Become Better Than […] Read more »

What does your office look like?

Whatever you call where you work (office, consulting room or therapy room) the space is an important part of the client’s experience with you.  What kind of experience does your office environment offer? In visiting a local psychologist’s office suite, I walked past one of the therapist’s office and  I […] Read more »


There are many energy practitioners who are highly skilled in using muscle testing in their work. Many find muscle testing of some sort helpful and use it frequently. I do think it is a potentially very helpful skill to learn. In trained hands it can be a useful tool to […] Read more »

Who Upset Amy? – Brain Science Simplified

From one of my most popular emails! When we launch into sharing information with our clients about how the brain works and what happens in our body when we get upset, our client’s eyes may glaze over, lost in the unfamiliar words we use: Amygdala, hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland,  Frontal Cortex, […] Read more »

EFT and Index Cards

I’ve been a fan of 3X5 index cards since college days when, in what would be considered prehistoric times by today’s college students, I wrote notes and quotes on index cards to arrange in order to complete college papers using a manual typewriter. I still use index cards, now for […] Read more »

What does YOUR family say about what you do?

Perhaps your entire family accepts and encourages your journey into the alternative or energy world. My family, however, is more of the just tolerating kind. My sister, for instance, is not exactly what you would call open minded about complementary medicine and EFT is waaaaaay out there for her. In […] Read more »