The 1 – 2 – 3 of EFT Process

There is a clear process to follow when using EFT, no matter the client or the situation. What varies is the application and modification of that process with each individual client. Particularly new practitioners are tempted to just start tapping with everyone.  However, if you’ve watched many of Gary’s videos […] Read more »

The Most Under Utilized EFT Technique

Constricted Breathing: introducing EFT, calming, safety, assessment, back-up, and homework Often just “mentioned in passing” as part of a training course on EFT, this technique is gentle, powerful and useful in a variety of situations. What all can this underutilized method do? 1. Create a bridge – Just like pointing […] Read more »

Using EFT Effectively on your own

We often have challenges when using EFT on our own, for our own, issues. In the below interview with Gene Monterastelli I share some of my favorite ideas that can help you – and me! – tap on our own. You can listen here: Gene operates a successful practice out […] Read more »

On Being “too” Real

Charlie asks, “What do you like to do?”  I smile and answer, “One of the things I like to do is to call a friend and meet at the park to take walk or go watch a game.” Couple of months later, Gene asks me the same question, “What do […] Read more »

Ready, Willing and Able?

Roshane lost trust in his practitioner and stopped sessions. He indicated that the practitioner may have attempted to do “too much too fast” or “was pushing own agenda” when he wanted more time to process and was uncomfortable with the way the practitioner “pushed” him for finding a specific event. […] Read more »

Who Upset Amy? – Brain Science Simplified

From one of my most popular emails! When we launch into sharing information with our clients about how the brain works and what happens in our body when we get upset, our client’s eyes may glaze over, lost in the unfamiliar words we use: Amygdala, hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland,  Frontal Cortex, […] Read more »

Ask the “Right” Question to get the “Right” Words

Many tappers have asked, “What words do I use while tapping for …”  EFT’s strength lies in getting to a specific event, scene or details that you focus on as you tap. Finding those words most often requires a few questions. It is in the answers to your questions that […] Read more »

The EFT Flow Chart

The EFT Flow Chart How to best use the Flow Chart with EFT Internet Radio host Judy Wolvington. Created especially for EFT students, this chart helps to understand the flow of EFT techniques through various intensity levels as you are working with a client. This is hands down the most […] Read more »