When to Let Go of Your Dream

Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you more of an entrepreneur wanna be? You have ideas, dreams and goals that you will create a successful EFT business  – a real  business that could actually pay the rent and buy groceries. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Lots of hours, lots of […] Read more »

EFT Limericks

I love limericks and enjoy writing them. It’s another favorite diversion. Here’s one on EFT. ME and EFT There is a lady named Ann Doing the best that she can She came upon EFT Said, “Wow! That’s for me.” Now she’s EFT’s greatest fan. Keep in mind I didn’t say […] Read more »

Pressure Washing

My favorite “yard tool” is my pressure washer. Using my pressure washer is great self care. I’m outside, away from the computer. It gives me a quick sense of accomplishment. I start it up and the water comes out and I watch whatever I focus on change from dirty to […] Read more »

On Annoyance

Writing the earlier blog on “all you have to do is…” reminded me of a conversation I had once with Gary Craig. We were talking about the multiple views people had on a particular topic. One person in particular was pushing their agenda around the issue. I mentioned to Gary […] Read more »

All You Have to Do Is…

I’ve done lots and lots and lots of tapping. But there is one thing that anyone can say that will annoy me instantly. Just start a sentence in a conversation with me with, “All you have to do is…” Uh, oh! All my resistance and walls go up and nothing […] Read more »

Who is on YOUR Team?

I was quoted on a radio show last week (Living Energy Secrets). My ego loves hearing my words come back to me. This quote concerned a lesson I stress to my EFT students; develop your “team” of support people as backup, mentors, and community resources before you start  working with people […] Read more »

12 Readers per Blog??

Where did I get that number? There are about 2 billion internet users. The royal.pingdom web site reported that of the end of 2010 there were 152 million blogs.   Doing the math that makes right at 12 people available to read each blog.  According to posts on one of the […] Read more »

Morkie and the Blog

Morkie is half Maltese and half Yorkshire Terrier and the “apple of my eye.”  His second birthday is shared with the birth of this blog.  September 6, 2011. He is very cute, very loving, very patient. He has long hair on his feet and absolutely loves to run. Watching him run […] Read more »

On Beginning

“The only thing stronger than the urge to give advice to others is their ability to ignore it.”  That is what my friends call an “Annism.”   An Annism is my particular take on the “truth.”  The truth, of course, as I see it.  :-) That Annism on advice, let me rush to assure […] Read more »