Using EFT Effectively on your own

We often have challenges when using EFT on our own, for our own, issues. In the below interview with Gene Monterastelli I share some of my favorite ideas that can help you – and me! – tap on our own. You can listen here: Gene operates a successful practice out […] Read more »


There are many energy practitioners who are highly skilled in using muscle testing in their work. Many find muscle testing of some sort helpful and use it frequently. I do think it is a potentially very helpful skill to learn. In trained hands it can be a useful tool to […] Read more »

EFT and Index Cards

I’ve been a fan of 3X5 index cards since college days when, in what would be considered prehistoric times by today’s college students, I wrote notes and quotes on index cards to arrange in order to complete college papers using a manual typewriter. I still use index cards, now for […] Read more »

Perfect Moments are about the Little Things

Recently, I was in California visiting friends and family, both of whom live near the Pacific Ocean. We went to dinner at a restaurant by a marina where I tried some of the best sour dough bread ever. After dinner we walked around looking at the sailboats with the sun […] Read more »

Five Positive Side Effects of EFT

SIDE EFFECTS of EFT: These are some of my favorite: You notice you are smiling – a lot. You feel more gratitude for things, people in your life. You have less worry, less judgment of yourself and of others. You realize you no longer feel you have to control every moment. You […] Read more »

Thoughts about Tapping Scripts

Scripts abound on the internet. Scripts have enabled many more people to be introduced to EFT and experience some of the benefits. Some of the people doing these scripts are very fluent – sometimes it’s almost like hearing poetry! Impressive. And, scripts are effective often enough for people to begin […] Read more »

Stuck? Can’t come up with a Setup?

When we are working on ourselves we can just get stuck sometimes and can’t come up with a specific event or form a decent Setup. The more we try the more it seems to elude us – especially when we are working on the more global vague difficulties and overwhelm […] Read more »

A Holiday Wish for You

My last post emphasized the importance of self care not only for the holiday season but for the entire year. My friend Loretta Sparks, EFT Master, has a mission statement I really like, “Do good work in the service of healing.” That is really what our work is all about. […] Read more »

Have you made yourself a blanket?

The woman right behind me had an arm full of fleece. “You picked lovely colors.” I said to her.  I was in a long line at the fabric store with my  2 yards of Christmas fabric to make a simple tablecloth. “Thanks,” she said, “Our church decided to make blankets […] Read more »