Christmas and the Goldilocks Story

Christmas , indeed any holiday, can be like the Goldilocks Story TOO MUCH – too little – Just Right. I have had all those! The, it’s TOO MUCH, overwhelming ones. The, it’s too little, lonely ones. The, it’s Just Right, ones  where it all seemed to easily fall into place […] Read more »

On Annoyance

Writing the earlier blog on “all you have to do is…” reminded me of a conversation I had once with Gary Craig. We were talking about the multiple views people had on a particular topic. One person in particular was pushing their agenda around the issue. I mentioned to Gary […] Read more »

Stealthy Tapping

I teach all my clients “stealthy tapping.” We simply play around with various natural touches that can be used anywhere anytime. Rubbing our finger under our nose, or posing with a bent finger on our chin, or scratching our heads or under our arms, or placing our fingers around our […] Read more »

Getting to the Specific

In my training classes I teach the mantra “For results that are terrific, it’s best to be specific.”  If you’ve listened to many audio or video demos or tap alongs you may note that the “scripts” they use are not very specific. After all, it is tough to get really specific if […] Read more »

Letting Negative Emotions Go

It is not that we are never to experience negative emotions. As humans we will experience an entire range of emotions – and actually that is a good thing. The “trick” is to not have a negative emotion come home to roost. We observe it, identify it, accept it  and let the negative emotion […] Read more »

Shifting Attention to Your BIG Toe

NLP or neurolinguistic programming impacted Gary Craig’s development of EFT. EFT is my top modality because it is quick and easy and has a very high success rate. My second favorite modality is NLP for the same reason; it is quick and easy and has a very high success rate. In […] Read more »