The Most Under Utilized EFT Technique

Constricted Breathing: introducing EFT, calming, safety, assessment, back-up, and homework Often just “mentioned in passing” as part of a training course on EFT, this technique is gentle, powerful and useful in a variety of situations. What all can this underutilized method do? 1. Create a bridge – Just like pointing […] Read more »

Using EFT Effectively on your own

We often have challenges when using EFT on our own, for our own, issues. In the below interview with Gene Monterastelli I share some of my favorite ideas that can help you – and me! – tap on our own. You can listen here: Gene operates a successful practice out […] Read more »


Ever been to the doctor, surgery, or hospital where the staff comes in and asks, “How are ‘we’ this morning?” Ever had your practitioner/therapist etc. say something like, “Well, ‘we’ need to work on…”? As a practitioner have you ever made such a comment to your client like, “Let’s see […] Read more »

The Dichotomy of SUDS

Getting a baseline for someone’s discomfort and checking for any movement in the intensity is – like getting to a specific – a key practice in EFT.  Most often used is a 0 to 10 scale often referred to as “SUDS” or “SUDs” i.e., Subjective Unit of Distress Scale, developed […] Read more »

Thoughts about Tapping Scripts

Scripts abound on the internet. Scripts have enabled many more people to be introduced to EFT and experience some of the benefits. Some of the people doing these scripts are very fluent – sometimes it’s almost like hearing poetry! Impressive. And, scripts are effective often enough for people to begin […] Read more »

Working in the Dark

Sometimes in working with children – or adults – they may not want to share what they are really upset about. They want to feel better – yes – but they don’t want to talk about it.  When I was at the residential program for children I often didn’t have […] Read more »

Stuck? Can’t come up with a Setup?

When we are working on ourselves we can just get stuck sometimes and can’t come up with a specific event or form a decent Setup. The more we try the more it seems to elude us – especially when we are working on the more global vague difficulties and overwhelm […] Read more »

Presenting EFT – Being Specific

I have presented EFT many, many times in various public forums, conferences, and agency groups.  I am a serious proselytizer for EFT. Most of these presentations were only brief introductions to EFT, from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Because of the short time frames I utilize group tapping instead of […] Read more »