What does your office look like?

Whatever you call where you work (office, consulting room or therapy room) the space is an important part of the client’s experience with you.  What kind of experience does your office environment offer? In visiting a local psychologist’s office suite, I walked past one of the therapist’s office and  I […] Read more »

Why do Mentoring?

Why do mentoring? Two things are critical to excellence in anything. Consistent deliberate practice that reaches just a bit out of our comfort zone and Focused feedback from experienced, knowledgeable people. Whether you call it consultation, supervision or mentoring anyone who works with others needs such a contact. I I […] Read more »

Baby Steps

TAKING BABY STEPS CAN BE A VERY GOOD THING I am a very big proponent of baby steps. That’s how most all changes are made. If you will make just one – however small – change in your life it can break the cycle of “stuckness.” After all if you […] Read more »

Presenting EFT – Being Specific

I have presented EFT many, many times in various public forums, conferences, and agency groups.  I am a serious proselytizer for EFT. Most of these presentations were only brief introductions to EFT, from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Because of the short time frames I utilize group tapping instead of […] Read more »

Key Secrets to Getting EFT Accepted in Institutions

Two key secrets to getting EFT accepted into agencies, organizations, institution?  1) Credibility and 2) Connection. When we begin to experience the benefits of using EFT, often our next thought is to share it with others. You may even wish to introduce it to agencies, institutions, organizations that could use […] Read more »

What does EFT Give Us?

Many times I have described EFT as “acupuncture for emotions without the needles” or explained that EFT “balances our energy system.”  Both very true and can generate interest from the other person to ask more about EFT. When sharing the benefits about EFT especially in writing, however, those explanations just […] Read more »

Trainers: How well do your students remember?

You worked really hard during your EFT workshop to get all of the EFT concepts across clearly and give your students a meaningful experience. So now your students know EFT, right? Um… well maybe not so much. Studies show that after a workshop or class, students may remember only 20 […] Read more »

Copyright versus Copywrite

I made a common mistake in word use yesterday. No excuse, I even know better. But I did it in haste. I used the term copywritten when what I meant was that it had been copyrighted. My college linguistics professor niece was quick to point out the error of my […] Read more »

Who is on YOUR Team?

I was quoted on a radio show last week (Living Energy Secrets). My ego loves hearing my words come back to me. This quote concerned a lesson I stress to my EFT students; develop your “team” of support people as backup, mentors, and community resources before you start  working with people […] Read more »