Gary. Screaming.

Here is Gary – on the floor – screaming. Gary’s chart read like a horror story – only for Gary it was not fiction. “Gary” is tall for his age of 9 and very lanky, preferring his pajamas to clothes. He gets his bath and puts on his pajamas at […] Read more »

Teaching Kids to Tap

[Update note: I was the Campus Director for a residential treatment program for severely emotionally challenged children from 1999 to 2005. I used EFT with the children during this time and wrote many stories for Gary Craig’s web site while working at the program. I left the program to direct […] Read more »

Working in the Dark

Sometimes in working with children – or adults – they may not want to share what they are really upset about. They want to feel better – yes – but they don’t want to talk about it.  When I was at the residential program for children I often didn’t have […] Read more »

Teaching EFT to Children

After studying EFT (beginning in 1999) for months and practicing on all sorts of willing folks, I began teaching EFT to the kids at the residential treatment program where I worked as Campus Director until 2005 when I left to run Gary’s EFT Master Program. The program accepted children who […] Read more »

Calming Teddy

 Teddy was an adorable looking but terrifyingly acting out 10 year old who was in the residential treatment program where I worked as campus director in the early 2000s and whose anxiety about leaving our program for a new foster home was express through tearing up his unit and shoving […] Read more »

It’s All about Respect

It is difficult to have any kind of meaningful relationship without respect. That holds true whether the relationship is with your spouse, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your boss, and yes, even children. I was interviewed by Jondi Whitis and Sue Tarlton of EFT Radio on line about using R-E-S-P-E-C-T […] Read more »

On Children – on Specialty Series

I learned about EFT in 1999. After studying and practicing EFT in my non work life I called Gary Craig to ask about others who had used EFT with kids. Gary gave me some resources and I called them for some assurance and guidance – at the time there were […] Read more »

Why I Became Interested in EFT

In 1992 I set up and ran a large children’s outpatient mental health clinic covering 6 counties in North Georgia. The program received a good bit of recognition and was modeled all over the state – I was fortunate to be able to develop the clinic with the most state […] Read more »