Calming Teddy

 Teddy was an adorable looking but terrifyingly acting out 10 year old who was in the residential treatment program where I worked as campus director in the early 2000s and whose anxiety about leaving our program for a new foster home was express through tearing up his unit and shoving a staff.


As the director of the program I often tapped with the children. For over a year I wrote articles about some of the experiences for Gary Craig’s original newsletters as one of his “Newsletter Editors.”¬† I’ve begun re-editing them for this blog.

Two of the most popular stories (i.e. as measured by the number of times people linked to the story or asked for my OK to republish it) of my short career as a chosen emofree “editor” were about two badly acting out little boys – Teddy and Brandon.

Click here to read Calming Down Teddy.
And, watch this blog for the Brandon story.

Until later,

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Ann Adams