Blocks to success

All changes are scarey and while we may say we do want to change at least part of us doesn’t really want to change. Changes have consequences – some good sometimes not so good. That devil (our problem situation) we know is at least familiar – we’ve worked out ways to deal with it – however painful those ways may be. We may even have worked part of our identity around the problem.

Fears of “who will I be” and therefor can I live up to the changes that will happen to be a frequent block to changing. We have built in resistance. My students often hear me say, “Resistance is normal; look for it; deal with it.”

That resistance constitutes what was originally called psychological resistance. In the ACEP Certified Energy Practitioner material they have renamed the phenomena “Blocks to Success.” I like that. It is much more descriptive. Blocks to success can be involved in any issue but are particular prevalent in chronic issues or limiting beliefs.

Whether working with EFT on your own, or with clients, addressing the possibility of these blocks to success can be an important step to fully resolving any issue. Make the statements below out loud and pay attention to any internal “zingers” that may come up, however slight. Then create a Setup to address the involved objection. No zingers, try tapping for them all one at a time and see what comes up about your issue.

Keep in mind that you are not doing this on purpose; these are most often not conscious choices but part of a script that was installed long ago, perhaps even for a good reason – at that time. They are simple no longer working for you now. Most common are:

It’s not safe for me to get over this.
It”s not safe for other people for me to resolve this.
I don’t deserve to get over this because…
Down deep I am getting something out of this suffering.
There is no way, it’s not possible, to get over this!
There’s no way I’m going to do what it takes and no one can make me.
OK, I’ll do a little, but I am not willing to do what I need to to completely get over this.
Resentment, I was wronged and getting over it will make it (or them) OK.
I need to hang on to some part of the problem, it’s OK to resolve part of this but not all of it.
I do have an objection to getting over this but am not sure what it is.

Behind each of these is that sneaky little concept of identity. How we see ourselves and how we believe others see us.

I won’t know who I am if I …
I will be expected to do … and not sure I can.
I’ll have to learn …
It’s too much work to …
People expect … I’ll lose my friends.
I spent my whole life being this way and now I’m supposed to …

Try it. Use each one as a Setup for any chronic issue, behavior or a limiting belief that just doesn’t seem to want to go away? Yes, those chronic issues and limiting beliefs can be challenging. The above objections can block you from the persistence you may need to resolve it.

Let me know how it went.

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Ann Adams