Benefits of EFT for helping professionals

Ever struggle with what to say to helping professionals when sharing how EFT can help their clients?

One of the counselors considering coming to my EFT Class asked, “How do you find EFT helps in using it in your private practice?”

There are, of course, many benefits to adding EFT to your arsenal of tools, here are my favorite 4.

It’s a quick way to relax an emotional client.

In most cases it can neutralize the impact of traumatic events, faster than anything else I’ve used in my 37 years as a social worker.

It is a self help skill easily taught to clients so that they can feel more in control of their emotions and their life. I am all about empowerment.

It can give you a unique tool that, if you so desire to advertise it, makes you unique among counselors. The energy methods are becoming more and more popular as such events as the Tapping World Summit, Dr. Mercola’s web site and now Hay House’s Summit events, not to mention literally hundreds of web sites out there and an increasing number of books and DVDs about “tapping” that are reaching literally millions of people.

It also helps a client get more specific which increases clarity about his or her issue helping to lead to healthier shifts in perception.

It can help reduce or perhaps eliminate pain or physical discomfort.  OK, I’ll stop, that’s more than 4!

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Ann Adams