Baby Steps


30896947_sI am a very big proponent of baby steps. That’s how most all changes are made. If you will make just one – however small – change in your life it can break the cycle of “stuckness.” After all if you can take even one baby step you are not stuck in the same place!

What big do you want in your life? It seems too overwhelming, way too hard too change? We are often told to think big, reach for the stars, set ambitious goals. But the path to BIG is most often a series of small steps – even very, very small steps. The path to great skill/talent in anything field is to consistently keep reaching for just that next step.

What is the one baby step that can get you unstuck?
What is one baby step that seems easy to commit to?
What is one baby step that has you saying yes I can do that?
What one step is only a tiny step out of your comfort zone?

Got a big project looming in? What is just one small piece of it you can do today? Is there a phone call to someone? What resources do you need to gather to begin?

Need to start exercising? What is one little thing that can move you from the “contemplative” stage to action? Can you schedule in a walk for 15 minutes during the day? Or start with 5 minutes? Or park further from work? Or, take the steps more often?

Still too much? What is just one small thing in your day, that’s available right now that you may be overlooking? Something that you actually believe is doable? Set yourself up for success.

Want to lose weight? What one food can you substitute today that has less fat and calories? What one phone call can you make to get the support you need?

What baby step can you take – today?
What baby step that you see as 100% do-able?

What happens when you think about taking that baby step? Resistance – hopelessness – a what’s the use feeling?  Use your daily tapping time to address those internal manifestations and discomforts. It’s not about feeling the pain and doing it anyway. It’s about taking the first, however, small step.

We often know what we should do. But knowing is not doing! EFT helps join the knowing to the doing. Perhaps your first baby step will be to use EFT to decrease whatever internal fear keeps you from taking that baby step.

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Ann Adams