And even more questions

After downloading and reading the handout on Questions to Get to the Specific, Karen L Arthur, an EFT practitioner in New York, sent a few more questions that can help you think about ways to get specific in addressing the issue.

What do you believe about yourself when you feel this way or when you remember incident/situation?

What would happen if you gave up x% of this feeling about……What would you replace that x% of letting go with?

What is your earliest positive memory?

What is your earliest negative memory?

How would you describe that part of yourself that contains (holds) that feeling?  If you put a face to the emotion, what does it look like?

What was your thought before incident/situation?

How do you do that? (behavior, feeling)?

How do others respond to you when you do…..

By keeping (this) who does it protect in your family?

Add your favorite questions to the “What are your thoughts?” section below. And if you missed downloading the handout on Questions with dozens of other helpful questions Questions for Getting Specific.

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Ann Adams