“…and a little child shall lead them.” – Brandon’s Story

Sometimes our very best teachers are the children. The following story is certainly one of “…a little child shall lead them.” This seven year old not only proselytizes for tapping but has also written his own testimonial. My thanks go to Shari Snow who sent me this endearing story about Brandon when she was volunteering in a school setting in Lexington, NC..

The first day Shari met Brandon she was told he was headed for a self contained class for students with emotional/behavioral problems. Brandon had experience difficulty since the day he entered school 2.5 years ago. He was considered “at-risk” even before entering school.

During the current school year there had not been a day that he had not been sent to the principal’s office. This day he had just trashed his classroom and was working on trashing the principal’s office in anger. He continued to throw things as Shari talked to him about why he was so mad. When he realized she “got it”, and stopped a moment to breathe, Shari stretched out her hands and asked him to show how angry he was with his hands. He stretched them out as far as he could (indicating maximum anger). [Ann’s Note: Without good rapport you get nowhere. The child must see you as different from the other lecturing adults in his or her environment.]

Shari sat down on the floor in the office and said, “This looks really silly but just do what I am doing.” Brandon stopped his tantrum, sat down, and began to follow the tapping. She tapped with him one round before adding a setup statement for the second round: “Even though I am really mad and nobody will listen to me, I am still a really good kid who people should listen to.”

Two rounds later, when asked how angry he was, Brandon put his hands together (indicating little or no anger). The school counselor watching this transformation could not believe it. She described it as “watching the anger melt away”. Brandon and Shari talked some more about the issue that caused the outburst and then, together, they made a plan for the future. When it was time for Brandon to return to class, he asked, “Can I tap at home when I get mad too?” This child understood the power of this process in 5 minutes! He “got it” quickly and made it a part of his life.

Shari writes: “Brandon is now a seven year old ambassador of energy therapies. He is tapping on his own and is showing classmates how to tap. He has people around him interested and looking for more information. He is teaching me lessons on how to get the message across. He has opened doors I did not expect to open in the conservative rural community I live in. This little guy deserves ALL OF THE CREDIT. Me? I got lucky – what a wonderful teacher to learn from.”

Brandon has not been back to the principal’s office. Several weeks after the first tapping experience Brandon told Shari he was “ready to tell the story for my friends.” In the words of a seven year old, here is Brandon’s version of using energy therapies.


By Brandon (as told to Ms. S)

It makes the bad stuff not hurt as much.

They look at me funny. But now they know why I do it.

My friend got over his dog dying by tapping.

I showed him how to help his heart.

He told his mom to do it and she thought it was stupid.

I told him to do it anyways, just not let her see it.

He made his hands get smaller when Ms. S helped him

Ms. Lin (the counselor) reminds me to tap when I am mad.

I can tap in my classroom or ask to go see Ms. Lin.

I am teaching Ms. Lin how to tap.

She likes to tap by her nose. I like my forehead.

I like school now because I am good.

I got a treat from the principal for being good.

I never did that before.

My teachers did not like me because I was bad.

I think my teacher likes me now that I am good.

I think that is enough.

Oh yeah- I do the tapping at home when Nanna yells at me.

Shari writes that “In six weeks time, this child can say, ‘I like school now because I am good!’ His teacher insists that it is a miracle – I insist it is a very powerful message in the worth of all souls – regardless.”

Great work Shari! And hugs to all the Brandon’s of the world.

PS This story was first published in Gary Craig’s emofree.com newsletter as Brandon’s Story – Anger Problem Becomes History.
The quote “…and a little child shall lead them.” is from Isaiah 16:3

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