The 1 – 2 – 3 of EFT Process

There is a clear process to follow when using EFT, no matter the client or the situation. What varies is the application and modification of that process with each individual client. Particularly new practitioners are tempted to just start tapping with everyone.  However, if you’ve watched many of Gary’s videos […] Read more »

Perception turned upside down with EFT

Do you ever over schedule yourself and find “juggling” all the commitments is getting close to impossible? I’ve been in that place in the last few weeks! So if you missed my email last week and wondering why this one is late – that’s why. I’m digging out but I’ve […] Read more »


I first met Lulu when traveling in New Zealand years ago where I was invited to teach EFT. I rented an RV while there to travel to the four different cities for classes and, of course, to see other parts of that beautiful country. It was a wonderful experience and […] Read more »