Ever been to the doctor, surgery, or hospital where the staff comes in and asks, “How are ‘we’ this morning?” Ever had your practitioner/therapist etc. say something like, “Well, ‘we’ need to work on…”? As a practitioner have you ever made such a comment to your client like, “Let’s see […] Read more »

Using Reframes at the Beginning of a Session

Reframes can be used early on in a session to simply reinforce the fact that they have taken a step toward resolution as a way that gives them hope, a feeling of control, a feeling they are not alone – to add in just a chink of a more positive […] Read more »

Guidelines for Using EFT with Serious Mental Disorders

We were fortunate to have a few experienced practitioners who have contributed to parts of the EFT Level 3 Comprehensive Training Resource.  One of those is Tracey Middleton, LCSW-C (TappingForPeace.com), who has been working in Baltimore, MD with people who have psychotic disorders and Dissociative Identity Disorder (formally known as […] Read more »

Perfect Moments are about the Little Things

Recently, I was in California visiting friends and family, both of whom live near the Pacific Ocean. We went to dinner at a restaurant by a marina where I tried some of the best sour dough bread ever. After dinner we walked around looking at the sailboats with the sun […] Read more »

Don’t Just Say It

As a clinical Social Worker I am all about empowerment and EFT is all about acceptance of self – a great therapeutic combination.  Clients can often come to us feeling they have no power, little or no control in their lives and have been spending lots of time in negative […] Read more »