We all have challenging times in our lives and, if we are lucky, there are inspirational influences in the form of books, poetry, music, places, activities and people that help encourage us, remind us of our strengths, renew our faith in ourselves (and sometimes in others) and guide us to […] Read more »

Five Positive Side Effects of EFT

SIDE EFFECTS of EFT: These are some of my favorite: You notice you are smiling – a lot. You feel more gratitude for things, people in your life. You have less worry, less judgment of yourself and of others. You realize you no longer feel you have to control every moment. You […] Read more »

The Dichotomy of SUDS

Getting a baseline for someone’s discomfort and checking for any movement in the intensity is – like getting to a specific – a key practice in EFT.  Most often used is a 0 to 10 scale often referred to as “SUDS” or “SUDs” i.e., Subjective Unit of Distress Scale, developed […] Read more »

Stretching to Fit – Procrustes Style!

We talk a lot about our ideas about what makes us humans tick. We also tend to get ideas, hunches, or intuitions as to what is going on with our clients – even ourselves! Without getting into a debate about where all this comes from – or whether we are […] Read more »

Baby Steps

TAKING BABY STEPS CAN BE A VERY GOOD THING I am a very big proponent of baby steps. That’s how most all changes are made. If you will make just one – however small – change in your life it can break the cycle of “stuckness.” After all if you […] Read more »